Awesome Avenue haul for in-form Luke

Awesome Avenue haul for in-form Luke

No one in carp fishing has started 2017 better than Luke Edwards, who backed up a 60lb common with an incredible eight-fish hit.

The Wolverhampton angler caught Tarka from the Avenue at 60lb 8oz in January and returned to catch a 49lb 12oz mirror, a 44lb 8oz mirror, a 42lb common and five other fish in just 21 hours.

The biggest of the lot went 49lb 12oz

The biggest of the lot went 49lb 12oz

The action began almost immediately at the Shropshire syndicate venue.

“I arrived on the Wednesday afternoon at about 1pm,” said Luke. “I had a walk around and as I was there a guy caught a 30lb mirror from the Steps, so I went in the swim I caught Tarka from, which wasn't too far away!”

Luke cast his simple wafter rigs to the drop off of a bar and began setting up camp for the night.

“After about 20 minutes with the rod still on the floor I had a screaming run and after a 30-minute battle I had a 40lb common, known as the Original Common, in the net.
“I then chucked the same rod back out and again after 20 minutes had a screaming take and it was a 28lb mirror.”

The only common of the session at 42lb

The only common of the session at 42lb

After the swim quietened down for the day, Luke put out 50 baits at around midnight and began receiving action after sunrise.

He said: “At 8.30am I had a twitchy take and that was a 39lb 12oz mirror. As I netted it the other rod was away with a 49lb 12oz mirror known as the Cream Fish and one of my targets – I was buzzing!”

But the action didn’t stop there. Luke added: “After slowly putting the rods back out I continued to catch steadily and had four more including a 44lb 8oz mirror known as Single Scale.”

The eight fish hit doubled Luke’s previous tally for the year and left him bowled over.
“Buzzing was an understatement,” he said. “I did the next night but the fish had clearly done one.
“The amazing thing is that I had only caught four before then and in the 21-hour period I had eight fish!”


Luke has always been one of the top rods on the RH Fisheries venues, but his start to 2017 is second to none. The Avenue fish, which include 70lb-plus Big Rig, divide opinion but they certainly do not give themselves up easily. Eight specimens in 21 hours in February is a phenomenal achievement.  


  • Stiff rig
  • Hooklength: 16lb Fox Trans Khaki Illusion
  • Hook: Size 8 Fox Edges Curve hook
  • Lead: 3oz flat pear
  • Hookbait: Mainline Essential Cell Wafter
  • Free offerings: 50 Mainline Essential Cell bottom baits