39lb mirror as everything falls into place for Cavaciuti

39lb mirror as everything falls into place for Cavaciuti

Marc Cavaciuti predicted the lake’s biggest resident was about to be caught – and made sure he was the man in the right place at the right time.

The former UK Carp Championship winner had observed the 39lb 2oz mirror at close quarters in a private estate lake shortly before it slipped up. 

Right place, right time for Marc

Right place, right time for Marc

The Hertfordshire firefighter said: “The previous week I had come close to catching the lake’s largest resident, a possible scraper forty, and he looked so catchable, unlike during previous sightings.

“When I left last week he was feeding and I came so very close on my last trip, however, he wrongsided my single hookbait and continued to occasionally drop and feed in the low-lying weed.

“I came close last week but wanted to be on him this time. I texted the lake owner saying he would be caught over the weekend or early midweek. Looking at the way he was behaving I was convinced he would trip up.”

Having found the fish on his return to the lake, Marc painstakingly marked a spot on a small gravel seam and baited with just 15 grains of sweetcorn and two tiny balls of scalded pellets.

As evening bite-time arrived, so did the fish. “Right on cue,” said Marc, “that rod started to slowly tick away and instantly I knew I was attached to a large fish.

“He flopped over the net after a dogged fight in the shallow water.

“It was all down to observation, spot choice, correct bait application and a rig he couldn’t deal with.”


  • 720/Ronnie rig
  • Hooklink: 4ins of 25lb Korda Boom
  • Hook: Size 4 Korda Kaptor Kurv
  • Hookbait: 12m Sticky Peach and Pepper pop-up
  • Loosefeed: Sweetcorn and scalded Sticky Bloodworm Pellets