Penning bags Sandhurst 40

Angling star Adam Penning is made to wait for day-ticket chunk

A hunch that a big fish was just around the corner proved correct for Adam Penning as he stayed an extra night at a day-ticket venue to bag this 40-pounder.

The 45-year-old Prologic and Sticky consultant had already caught 10 carp when this bruiser picked up his hookbait as he was packing up to leave.

This mirror weighed 40lb on the nose.

This mirror weighed 40lb on the nose.

Fishing at the popular Sandhurst Lake in Yateley, Hampshire, the angling guide fished PVA bags over the top of a bed of crumbed Sticky Manilla boilies.

He said: “Part of an 11-fish catch, this mirror came right at the end with all the gear packed up!

“I’d stayed a very rare extra night because I was certain there was a monster on the cards and so it proved – just!”

He added: “Most of the fish were mid-twenties but I had commons of 32lb and 33lb 14oz as well.

“Spombing Manilla crumb mixed with Cloudy Manilla did the job and I fished bags over the top.”