Christchurch's Box Common gives epic battle

47lb Oxfordshire common puts up a real scrap

Linch Hill’s Christchurch Lake gave up one of its prized residents as Rob Allen banked the Box Common at 47lb 2oz after a heart-stopping fight.

The 34-year-old made the long trip down to Oxfordshire from his home in Warrington and was rewarded with his first UK 40lb common on night two of a week-long session.

The Box Common didn't come in without a fight

The Box Common didn't come in without a fight

The builder said: “I was blown away with this capture!”

Having not introduced any bait on his first night, Rob took a gamble and put out 3.5kg of boilies, hemp and snails on day two.

“I thought I’d over done it,” he admitted, “but I wasn’t fussed as it was out there as the weather closed in.”

Shortly after getting into his sleeping bag at about 10pm Rob was back on his feet.

“I wasn’t in bed two minutes when the right-hand bobbin pulled up tight,” he said.

“I jumped up and with no hesitation was straight on the rod as I know full well what these fish are like – and, yes, I was into a cracker! The fish was coming quite easily, just healthily plodding and I knew it was a big girl.

“As she got closer she just went mental, taking one of my other lines with it. Nothing was stopping it, she just stripped line and line and line! Eventually I managed to turn her head but I was shaking at the thought of losing this fish as I wasn’t just pulling in the fish, I was also pulling in another line which was attached to it.”

Having shouted for assistance to no avail, Rob took the brave decision to take the bail arm off and let the fish surge away while he weaved his way out of the tangle.

“I’d done enough! The fish kited left and it seemed like it was just me and the fish, the line had come free! After another 10 minutes of epic battle I slipped a large common over the net cord – the Box Common at a staggering 47lb 2oz!”


  • Rig: Blowback
  • Hook: Size 6 Korda Krank
  • Hooklink: 6ins of 20lb ESP Tungsten Loaded Soft Silt
  • Hookbait: Homemade Sticky Manilla boilie
  • Loosefeed: 1.5kg of crumbed Sticky Manilla boilies, plus 2.5kg of hemp and snails.


We salute Rob’s bravery in taking off his bail arm part way through the fight to untangle his other line, but sometimes it’s better to take a smaller risk to eliminate a larger one. Other lines can work as devastatingly effective disgorgers so don’t just plough on regardless if a fish crosses your other rods!