Couple's icy haul topped by 38-pounder

Roving single hookbaits keep the bites coming for Wiltshire pair

Gavin and Fran Hughes enjoyed an incredible 24-hour session as they banked five twenties, six doubles and a 38lb 4oz mirror.

The couple from Chippenham in Wiltshire fished nearby Hayward Pool, and it was 35-year-old Gavin who banked the biggest fish, known as the Little Lin. Fran’s biggest went 23lb 8oz.

Gavin's 38lb 4oz mirror was the best of 13.

Gavin's 38lb 4oz mirror was the best of 13.

“This was a red-letter day for sure,” said security guard Gavin. “On the second day we had to smash the margin ice up so we could see the day out, but what a day it was!

“We shared three rods, casting single Sticky Manilla pop-ups to feeding fish and had four takes in under 15 minutes, all over 20lb.”