100lb of carp from under the ice

A frozen lakedidn't stop Steve Kitcher bagging a thirty and a forty

This 44-pounder was extracted from under the ice as Steve Kitcher bagged a trio of fish for more than 100lb in just three hours.

“Having never done this before it was a weird and heart-thumping experience,” said Steve, who also caught a 36lb 12oz mirror and a 19lb 13oz common at Blackwater on the Isle of Wight.

“I was totally amazed about what was going on,” said Steve, “Three fish from a frozen lake and it still being -3c! Was this real?!”

The under-the-ice 44llb mirror.

The under-the-ice 44llb mirror.

Steve’s session began at 10pm on Friday night after a period of pre-baiting.

He woke on Saturday morning to find the lake frozen and was just about to go back to sleep when he heard one of his bite alarms.

“The Neville let out a single bleep, then another, and then into full meltdown mode. I was straight out and battle commenced under the ice.

“After a good 10 minutes of freezing feet and numb hands I managed to slip the net through from under the thin ice and scoop up the prize.  I put the rod down and secured the net and yelled for joy and complete amazement that I had caught a carp from under the ice.”

While the ice thickened on the lake, Steve weighed the chunky mirror at 44lb 4oz and thought his session was probably over.

He said: “I then noticed that to my left in the channel between the island there was a small strip of water that was semi ice free and with an easy cast I could actually just about fish the back of the spot.

Not long later he was rewarded with a 19lb 13oz common. “I was stunned,” said Steve, who quickly recast to the ever-shrinking spot.

Just 15 minutes later another bite produced a 36lb 12oz mirror.

“What an amazing three hours of fishing,” said Steve, who baited with chopped 10mm CC Moore Live System boilies and Carp Particles UK’s hemp and snails.

The 36lb 12oz mirror.

The 36lb 12oz mirror.


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