Thom Airs

Trio of Essex Manor beauties

Thom Airs
Trio of Essex Manor beauties

UK Carp Championship winner takes three A-Team members from historic water

EXTRA effort often equals reward in big carp angling, as Marc Cavaciuti proved when catching a trio of the Essex Manor’s finest residents, topped by a 42lb 6oz mirror.

Aware that the venue had been fishing slow in recent weeks, the 32-year-old firefighter arrived at the water a couple of hours before daybreak and did several circuits in a bid to try to locate where the fish might be held up.

Joe's at 42lb 6oz 

Joe's at 42lb 6oz 

Marc eventually found what he was looking for, and by the time his session had ended 42 hours later he had slipped his net under three fish for more than 112lb.  

He said: “After three laps in the dark and in the pouring rain I saw two carp show right on first light in a relatively quiet area of the lake. After a quick lead around I found what felt like an area of clean silt in 20ft of water, close to a bed of dying silkweed.”

Rather than piling the bait in, Marc, from Welwyn Garden City, adopted a conservative approach, using small double-skinned PVA mesh bags filled with ‘krilled’ maggots and bloodworm pellets as loosefeed, while his hookbaits comprised 12mm pop-ups topped with five maggots each. 

“At first light on the second morning I had a 32lb mirror from the spot after seeing a few shows over the area during the night. As a result I chose to put all three rods on the spot and to recast each one every three hours until dusk.

“The next bite came at 7pm and after a very dogged, powerful fight a fish called ‘Joe’s’ weighing in at 42lbs 6oz was mine. I was surprised that I didn’t get another chance during the night, and at first light the next day recast the rods. At midday I noticed a few pinprick bubbles near the spots and just as I was about to start packing away I was in again, the result being a fish known as Pearly Lin weighing 37lbs 7oz. It was the perfect end to a great session,” he added.

Rig and bait

  • Rig: Pop-up rig with maggots
  • Hookbait: 12mm pink Sticky Baits Signature pop-ups, each topped with five maggots. 
  • Loosefeed: Small double-skinned mesh bags consisting of Krilled maggots and bloodworm pellets.
  • Hooklink: 10in combi rig made from 15lb Korda IQ2 fluorocarbon and Korda N-Trap Soft
  • Hook: Size 4 Korda Kaptor Kurve
  • Lead: 3oz square pear


Carpfeed verdict

How many of us are willing to do three complete laps of a lake in the dark and rain? Probably not many, but the ever-consistent Marc knows that effort equals reward and his legwork certainly paid off!