Thom Airs

Albright knot

Thom Airs
Albright knot

Step-by-step guide to tying the Albright knot

If you need to join two materials together, this is the ideal knot. It's perfect for fusing fluorocarbon and braid together in combi rigs, or for attaching shockleaders.


1) Double over the thicker of the two materials being joined (here we have mono and braid) and thread the thinner one through the loop.


2) Begin to wrap the braid around the double-over section of monofilament.


3) Continue to wrap the braid around the doubled-up mono eight to 10 times.

4) Take the end of the braid go back through the doubled-over loop of mono in the opposite direction from the way the braid initially entered that loop in the opening photo.

5) Moisten the knot as you carefully tighten it down, and trim off the tag ends.

6) If you're using this knot for a combi rig, a blob of putty over the knot will neaten its appearance and help sink the hooklink.