WHAT'S IN YOUR BOX: James Armstrong

WHAT'S IN YOUR BOX: James Armstrong

James is a well-known face in the carp-angling scene but is NOT sponsored by a terminal-tackle company, so the CC Moore media manager's kit bag is well worth inspecting...

James Armstrong tackle box

1) Korda IQ2 fluorocarbon 

Near-invisible, heavy and soft, IQ2 is my first-choice leader material. I clean it regularly and check for any damage before every trip.

2) Pinpoint hooks

Carpfeed's tackle editor and good friend Marc Coulson showed me these a year or so ago, and I haven't looked back since.

Of the commercially available sharpened hooks, they've proved the best by far.

3) Sunset Amnesia

This stuff used to be the first choice for setups such as the hinged stiff rig. However, I use it for bottom-bait D rigs as it's just the right stiffness and the black colour is good over most lakebeds.

It's also ridiculously cheap compared to many carp lines.

4) ESP Bristle Filament

The perfect material for the hook section of a hinged stiff rig or for tying chods, the 25lb version of this stiff material is an absolute winner.

It also straightens consistently for rig booms.

5) Korda Bait Floss

I tie on my pop-ups and this is my go-to floss for doing so.

I first started using it when I worked for the company and have never felt the need to switch. The lighter next to my floss is used for blobbing the tag end down once tied.

6) Korda Pulla Tools

Because I use a lot of rigs that incorporate fluoros or stiff materials, being able to tighten it all down and make the materials nice and straight is essential.

For this I find these tools an absolute godsend.

7) Krsyton Heavy Metal

One of the original tungsten putties and still one of the best, this stuff has a host of uses, including balancing hookbaits and pinning down hooklinks and leaders.

It takes a bit of working to soften, but sticks like glue and then sets nice and firm once submerged.

8) JAG Hook Sharpening Kit

Although I use pre-sharpened hooks a lot, if I run out or if I need an alternative specialist pattern, I'll sharpen them myself.

The JAG kit is the best on the market. I keep the files inside the handle of the JAG vice.