The first thing you notice about Ian's box is that it's absolutely packed to the gunwales with terminal tackle.

He's certainly unlikely to run out of anything in a hurry, but explains: "I often end up replacing my customers' rigs and, as a result, I get through plenty of kit, hence the need for spares of everything.

"Demonstrating the best rig components is a popular element to my tuition days, so it pays to have lots of rig bits with me."

1) Gardner Covert lead clips

"Not being sponsored by a terminal-tackle company allows me to choose what I use and these are, for me, the best."

2) Coated hooklinks

"Supremely versatile and easy to use, there are a few spools of this in my box. My current favourites are Korda's N-Trap Soft and Semi-Stiff."

3) Split shot

"Sometimes shot can be a more effective way to balance pop-ups than tungsten putty. I always carry a few tubs of non-toxic versions."

4) Gardner Size 6 Chod hooks

"These perfectly balance my Sticky pop-ups without the need for any counterbalancing tungsten putty."

5) Fox Tension Bars

Although these are the old-colour version, all that's changed is the colour. They're brilliant for tightening down loops and knots."

6) Lots of swivels!

"I'm sure you'll all empathise with how easy it is to get through swivels. You can never have too many - that's my mantra!"

7) Silicone tubing

"I always carry this in various diameters. I use it mainly for blow-back rigs or for neatening swivels and quick-change clips."

8) Essentials

"This section contains scissors, lighters for blobbing knots, baiting tools and various other little items that have proved invaluable down the years."

Angling tutor Ian Gemson

Angling tutor Ian Gemson