WHAT'S IN YOUR BOX: Iain Macmillan

WHAT'S IN YOUR BOX: Iain Macmillan

Iain Macmillan needs little introduction to Carpfeed readers, having been a regular face in magazines for what seem like decades now - even though he's still only 46.

The lads at Angling Times have been out on the bank with Iain countless times over the years, and as such we're well aware of his penchant for organisation and cleanliness.

In fact, we've never witnessed anybody else cleaning their groundsheet with baby wipes mid-session!

His tackle box certainly bears testament to this fastidiousness, with everything well organised and earning its place... 

1) Non-toxic shot

"A tub of BB shot comes with me everywhere, as they often come in handy when balancing pop-ups or even PVA-bag rigs. They're quick and easy to attach, and they stay put."

2) Carp Spirit Razor Point hooks

"These are the strongest hooks I've ever used, and the Curve Short Shank is perfect for use with my QC pop-up rig (also known as the Ronnie rig)."

3) Korda Dark Matter braid

"I use a lot of solid PVA bags on many venues and this sinking braid is the perfect hooklink. I use the 20lb version, which I find ideal."

4) Gardner Ultra Skin

"My 'go-to' coated hooklink material for many presentations, including the QC rig. I love its colour, stiffness and ease of use."

5) QC rigs

"I keep a few of these made up, ready to just add my hooklink. For the record, my mates and I were using this rig long before it was made public! It's mega effective."

6) Wychwood crimping tool

"This and a box crimps are definitely must-haves. They make forming really short chod rigs and hook sections on a hinged stiff rig quick and easy."

7) ESP Super Floss

"When tying on baits I need to know that they're secure and will not come off on the cast. ESP Super Floss is the best I've used to date."

8) Pulla Tools

"Perfect for tightening and testing knots, and for forming loops. I always carry a couple of these as I have a regular habit of losing them!"