What if Chris Yates' Redmire 50 was caught now?

What if Chris Yates' Redmire 50 was caught now?

What if Chris Yates’ 51lb 8oz Redmire mirror had not been caught on June 16, 1980.

What if it had been caught 37 years later, in era of instant information and social media?

Like all 21st Century carpers worth their salt, Chris would have got to the venue and set the scene on Instagram.

While waiting impatiently for a bite he would have made mundane bankside activity into a Snapchat story

The morning's bite from *that* fish would have definitely warranted a teasing tweet with obligatory hashtags. Note: all overnighters need an adjective.

Aware that not everyone is on Twitter, modern-day Chris would have kept the message vague but spread it to Facebook. Note: fish captures do not count unless they've been announced on Facebook before weighing.


Next up, it would have been Chris's duty to break the news to his best mate in a jocular fashion. Said mate then HAS to reply with plenty of visible joy to hide his own crushing jealousy.


Chris would have followed the modern trend and let the suspense build, before unleashing a zinger of a status. The comments would quickly degenerate. 

Sadly, the news would have travelled so fast and so wide it would have been picked up by websites desperate to create 'content' for 'clicks' [Hang on a sec...Ed]


And that's how Chris Yates' (unofficial) record would have *definitely* played out had it been caught in 2017. The march of progress is a fine thing, eh!