Six of the best from Pure Fishing at the Big One Show

Six of the best from Pure Fishing at the Big One Show

With brands including JRC, Chub, Greys and Berkley (among others), Pure Fishing will have the biggest presence at the Big One Show in Farnborough this weekend.

There will be plenty of kit on display, but here are just some of the items we’re looking forward to seeing…

JRC Stealth X-Lite Levelbed

Lighter than any six-leg bed JRC has ever made before, this is likely to be quite a showstopper. It weighs just 6.48kg yet is full padded and has spring-loaded feet for easy adjustment.

JRC Stealth chairs

Continuing the lightness theme, JRC has a trio of new chairs to show off at the Big One. The smallest of which comes in at a featherweight 3.1kg!


JRC Stealth Bloxx 2G

Available as either a bivvy or shelter, the latest iteration of the Stealth Bloxx range looks to be the best yet. It’s sturdy, spacious and packed full of features.

Defender Combo

A really great concept for newcomers to carp fishing, the Combo comprises a JRC rod, a Mitchell Avocet Black Edition freespool reel already loaded with mono and a rod sleeve. A quality bundle on a budget.


Mitchell MX6 Full Runner

This new reel fits a heck of a lot into a compact package. It’s got big-pit styling, with a built in freespool function, and a the largest line capacity Mitchell has ever produced. One of the best-looking new reels out there.


Greys Xlerate rods

Not brand new, but if you’ve not seen the Xlerate range yet then you’re in for a treat. A really premium tool, these look as good as they perform. See our full review here.