Scott Lloyd Q&A

Carp-catching machine, tree-climber, Instagram joker and all-round top bloke Scott Lloyd answers our questions this month...

Scott with the Burghfield Common in 2017

Scott with the Burghfield Common in 2017

    When did you start fishing and who inspired you?

    I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember, but on the carp side of things I was probably eight, at a guess, using floating bread on a big size 2.

    It was always my dad and grandad who took me – we used to go fishing as a family. There was a local angler to me who’s no longer with us, Paul Coxon, who I think had motor neurone disease and had lost the use of his legs.

    He used to drag himself around the bank but fished places like Linch Hill and Manor Farm.

    In terms of famous anglers it would have to be Terry Hearn; you can’t help but look up to him.

    What is your favourite venue of all time?

    It would have to be Linch Hill. I didn’t like Burghfield [laughs], I hated it! I would probably have committed suicide if I was still on it!

    The lakes at Linch are totally different but if you’re making me pick one it would be Christchurch. That place is just unreal – it offers everything and I feel like part of the family down there.

    It also attracts the right sort of angler, and I don’t mean to put anyone down by saying that; it sorts the men from the boys. And the fish are scaly bangers too!

    Scott with the now-deceased Bite Mark from Linch Hill

    Scott with the now-deceased Bite Mark from Linch Hill


    • Age: 29                
    • Lives: Cheshire
    • Occupation: Overhead linesman (railways)
    • UK PBs: 45lb 12oz mirror, 62lb 8oz common
    • Hobbies outside fishing? Design projects, work (“I love my job”)
    • Music to accompany your perfect session? Anything in the charts
    • Pot Noodle or toastie? Chicken & Mushroom Pot Noodle!

    What is your most memorable capture?

    I’m trying to think of a reason to not say the Burghfield Common, but I can’t. I’m not blowing my own trumpet but it was just such a monumental thing in the carp world.

    If it had been you that had caught it and I’d never heard of it I’d still have been absolutely buzzing.

    So many people have told me they can remember exactly where they were when the Burghfield Common did 62lb. I will struggle to ever top it.

    If you could go back in time and fish for one carp...?

    I could say the Black Mirror, which was still around when I was chasing other fish, but it would have to be Petals at Linch Hill.

    When Paul [Coxon] and my dad were fishing there they’d come back with these stories of Petals and when I got Terry [Hearn’s] book I went straight to that chapter.

    Terry Hearn with Petals

    Terry Hearn with Petals

    What’s your idea of the perfect carp fishing session?

    I love spring fishing if you’re going to catch fish and catch them at big weights, but I’d have to say catching them out of the edge so it would have to be summer.

    I just love watching them, there’s always something to learn whether you catch them or not.

    Watching them come in and pick up your bait and shake their head before you scramble down a tree to the rod. I’ve even started to set myself the goal of watching where the lead goes when they shake it free.

    Scott is renowned for climbing trees to gain an aerial viewpoint

    Scott is renowned for climbing trees to gain an aerial viewpoint

    Who is the best carp angler you’ve ever fished with?

    No doubt about it, Myles Gibson. We all have our own personal reasons for going but if he didn’t go fishing three nights a week, as he does, he cannot focus.

    He’s got this all-out passion that drives his angling ability.

    Myles Gibson is the best Scott's seen

    Myles Gibson is the best Scott's seen

    It’s not all about range but he’s regularly clipping up at 46 wraps [184yds] and kissing the H-block every cast.

    Have you ever fished abroad for big carp?

    I haven’t but I do plan to in the next couple of years, maybe even next year.

    Aside from boilies, if you had to use just one other bait to target carp, what would it be?

    Tiger nuts, 100 per cent. I wouldn’t go fishing without them. They just offer a crunch and texture that boilies can’t and they’re so natural. Carp love them.

    Do you have many ambitions left in fishing?

    Doing tuitions was one, which I have now done. It’s a totally different feeling to catching your own fish but I’m one of those people who prefers to give presents than receive them.

    Watching someone catch a new pb I go absolutely berserk, almost like I’m the one who’s more excited.

    I’m also hoping to get a Dinton ticket and I fancy targeting the mirror Colin from St Ives Shallow Pit, and also having a go on Tatton Park, which, incidentally, I’ve just been for a walk around!

    Is there an uncaught British record out there?

    A record? Probably not. There are all sorts of rumours and you never know, but it’s very unlikely. The Burghfield Common could do it, but it’s certainly not unknown.