RETRO! 90s carp vids officially put on YouTube

YouTube is the modern home of carp-angling videos, but it wasn't always this way.

As carp fishing exploded in the 1980s and '90s, the VHS video cassette was the medium of the day.

Now, one of the main movers in that scene has begun uploading full-length retro gems.

Liam Dale produced (and presented) plenty of classic fishing content, lots of it under the iconic Clean River Fishing banner.

Liam on the Big Catch on BBC2 in 1997.

Liam on the Big Catch on BBC2 in 1997.

Liam, who presented the Big Catch on primetime BBC2 in the mid-1990s, is now living in Thailand in semi-retirement but has started quietly uploading his back catalogue to YouTube.

Responding to a comment on the website this week he replied: "Only another 200 to go!"

Among the gems are the complete Julian Cundiff's Practical Carp Fishing films with the ageless host showing off some tackle that'll take you back to 1994.

Look out for:

  • An attention-span-testing 2m 20s intro!
  • Some early Korda leads and the original Cobra throwing stick

Arguably one of the most successful videos of the 1990s was Short Session Carping with Hughes and Crow from 1997.

The youthful pairing, who are obviously still big names today, were ahead of their time with charismatic presentation and an ability to connect with the average carper.

Look out for:

  • Crowy's iconic margin wading!
  • Tactics that will still catch you fish today

Carp Fever was a revolutionary book by Kevin Maddocks. It was published way back in 1981 but a series of videos followed. Liam has so far just uploaded the first one. 

Look out for:

  • Monotone voice overload!
  • A very of-its-time 90-second outro 

If you want more Maddocks, then Cold Water Carping from 1994 contains a truly impressive winter 33-pounder. Once you've got over the chilling horror-movie-music of the intro!

Another little old-school cracker is A Carp Session with Des Taylor from 21 years ago.

Despite its title, it also features some big catfish need the end.

Look out for:

  • Des's homemade silt marker
  • Soft rods
  • A dubious lack of an unhooking mat early on!

You can easily waste a whole day on Liam's excellent YouTube channel, which includes plenty more carp and general coarse-fishing action.