Lee 'Mozza' Morris Q&A

Lee 'Mozza' Morris Q&A

Lee Morris is one of the new breed of carp anglers, and a man of many talents.

He is a regular cameraman for Fox, DNA Baits and several other firms, and his work can be seen on many DVDs, websites and social media pages across the industry.

He’s also an extremely gifted angler, plundering all kinds of waters for carp large and small, at home and abroad.

As if that’s not enough, he works alongside Mark Simmonds at his famous fish farm, while also being dad to three children.

He’s nothing if not busy!

Lee and his son Lewyn with a 32lb 9oz Frimley common

Lee and his son Lewyn with a 32lb 9oz Frimley common

Your high-energy personality is well suited to your busy lifestyle. What’s a typical week on planet Mozza?

It’s pretty hectic! Providing work doesn’t get in the way, I try to fish from Monday to Wednesday, but even then I’ll be filming stuff at some point.

I’ll either be shooting promo film for DNA Baits, or maybe keeping up to date with my Hooded Man blogs.

Thursday and Friday are my days in the editing suite, and my weekends, are ‘family days’ [wife laughs in the background!]

Which other firms have you worked with – would the readers be familiar with some of your stuff?

The last ‘Edges DVD’ from Fox featured quite a bit of my work, which I loved and am extremely proud of.

I also did some of the stuff for last year’s Shimano DVD, plus bits of work with Rob Hughes and a couple of TV production companies.

Your son has featured in some of your videos. Is it nice to be able to do that?

Definitely! I have three kids, Esmie (12), Lewyn (7) and Theo (3). Lewyn is the one who’s bang into his fishing and I love being able to take him.

We’ve shared some truly magical moments out on the bank. He is so happy and attentive when we’re fishing, but at home and at school he can be more than a handful.

There’s definitely a full-time angler in the making there – he seems interested in very little else!


Age: 33

Lives: Southampton

Occupation: Freelance cameraman and film editor

UK PB: 51lb 4oz

Hobbies outside fishing? None. My time is split between fishing, work, or being with the family

Music to accompany your perfect session? Drum & Bass

Pot Noodle or toastie? Toastie

What has been the highlight of fishing with him?

That would have to be at Frimley for one segment of the Fox DVD last year. We found some lovely fish in Duck Corner and landed a 20lb-plus and a 30lb-plus fish from three feet of water.

We both loved it, which I hope comes across in the film itself.

Frimley? Tell us which of the pits down there you’re targeting

Pit 4, and I love it. I’ve been fortunate enough to have caught a few out of there already. In fact, until my last trip, when I blanked, I’ve had a bite on every session.

That’s pretty rare on there, with some anglers not having caught anything at all in several seasons.

What are you chasing in there?

There isn’t a particular target. I love the venue and the carp in there, but in particular it’s the challenge of fishing for carp which might only grace the bank once a year.

I am also using it while I wait for my ticket to come up on Pit 3 next door, which has some truly special carp in it.

Your love of Rainbow Lake in France is well documented. How often do you get to fish over there?

I’ve been each of the last five years and I love the place. It’s certainly the highlight of my angling year now.

A number of years back, I vowed never to fish in France again as it was ruining my fishing in the UK... then Rainbow happened.

As well as the raw beauty of the place, it’s the fact that it is so far removed from my usual angling that I love so much. In fact, it usually fires me up for when I get back home!

Rainbow has captured Lee's imagination

Rainbow has captured Lee's imagination

You caught a very special carp from the venue last year. Tell us about it...

I don’t think they’ve invented a word yet that does the feeling justice! On my previous trips I’d always left feeling that Rainbow owed me something.

As much as I loved the place, it hadn’t been that kind to me and I had hooked but lost several very big fish.

However, at the end of a two-week stint when I was blanking, everything fell into place. The lake was flat-calm, the sun was just creeping towards the horizon and there was an atmosphere that only Rainbow can create.

An epic bite and subsequent battle out in the boat, all of which I caught on the GoPro, ended with me landing a carp called Thousand Scale at 71lb.

A lot of emotion came flooding out when the fish finally hit the spreader block and I still get a tingle down my spine even talking about it now.

Lee with Thousand Scale at 71lb

Lee with Thousand Scale at 71lb

You’re also involved in fish farming to an extent. Tell us a little about that, Lee

I do a little bit of work helping out Mark Simmonds with his renowned fish-rearing business. It’s great fun, but quite demanding at the same time.

We’ve stocked some stunning carp into a great many UK venues. A few years ago, although they served a purpose, Simmo’s fish got a bit of a reputation as being characterless.

However, the stuff he is producing now is an altogether different kettle of fish, if you’ll excuse the pun. The newer strains is extremely popular with fisheries and anglers alike.

Is there a future British record in one of Mark’s ponds, maybe?

I’m convinced of it and I hope it will be one of the newer, more scaly ones that will make many anglers’ dreams come true.

I’ll be amazed if a ‘Simmo’ doesn’t claim the record one day in the not too distant future.

What’s the rig you’d choose if only allowed to use one?

That would have to be a 360 rig. I just have so much confidence in it and have seen up close how difficult the carp find it to deal with.

And, similarly, which bait would you use if you couldn’t use boilies?

I hope this isn’t too boring, but it would have to be sweetcorn.

Yes, it’s as old as the hills but, regardless, I still don’t think carp anglers realise just how good a bait it is and how much carp love it.

Finally, in the UK, which venue would you love to fish over any other?

That’s easy, it would have to be Frimley Pit 3. The stock of carp in there is breathtaking, and you could spend a very long time on there before you caught them all.