Kev Hewitt Q&A

Kev Hewitt Q&A

Carpfeed picks the brains of England carp ace, hauling machine and all-round top bloke Kev Hewitt.

When did you start carp fishing, and who inspired you?

My first session targeting carp was aged 14 under the guidance of Mark Bartlett and his grandad.

Bart has always been an inspiration to me, from a young age. I’d also have to mention Terry Hearn.

Reading Terry's first book gave me a better understanding of enjoying the sport and fully motivated me to set targets and achieve them with my fishing.

Quickfire questions

Age: 34

Lives: Swindon

Occupation: Angling Direct Swindon store manager

UK PBs: 55Lb 12oz mirror, 41Lb common, 44lb 14oz grass carp

Hobbies outside fishing? Spending time with the family.

Music to accompany your perfect session? Old-school dance/ trance

Pot Noodle or Toastie? Toastie

What is your favourite venue of all time (one that you’ve fished)?

Manor Farm on the Linear complex.

I have been fortunate to do the odd session on there most years since my first visit in 2003, and the venue has always been kind to me.

What's your most memorable carp, and why?

I’ve got lots of great memories, and they all gave me equal buzz, from an Orchid winter 30, a brace of Bluebell 40s or even a Wraysbury BCAC-winning 40, but top of the tree is probably my capture of Kempy's Linear from Manor at 48lb 2oz in 2017 live for the CC Moore cameras.

An incredible carp with an incredible story behind the capture.

Kempy's Linear from Manor

Kempy's Linear from Manor

If you could go back in time and fish for one carp, in one venue, which fish and where?

I would like to say Mary from Wraysbury, but in reality I know that I would never have had the time or the balls to fish such a challenging venue as it was back in the early to mid-1990s.

What’s your idea of the perfect carp fishing session?

A three-day session on Bluebell in October with a big warm south-westerly low pressure blowing in.

The lake would be half empty and the carp would be up for a chew. I would be spodding out 5kg of bait and sitting back with three rods on the bait while the odd carp head and shouldered over the top in the evening.

The first bite would come at a sensible time of around 7am, just after the first tea of the day had been consumed, and daytime bites would come regularly.

The session would have to be topped with one of the big girls on the final morning of the session while packing up. If Carlsberg did carp fishing sessions, eh?

Who is the best carp angler you’ve ever fished with?

Mark Bartlett has the full armoury under his belt to cover every aspect of not just carp fishing, but angling across all disciplines.

Kev's best mate 'Bart'

Kev's best mate 'Bart'

What about the best bit of angling you’ve ever seen? 

Having been part of Carp Team England for a number of years I have been fortunate to witness some incredible angling from a number of Eastern European anglers, the Croatians and Romanians in particular.

We think we are good, but they take continental angling to the next level and are far more advanced than we are in some aspects of carp angling.

I would love to understand and adopt the Romanian approach and apply it in England.

Being part of Carp Team England has opened Kev's eyes

Being part of Carp Team England has opened Kev's eyes

Do you have an opinion on the modern trend for carp to be grown on before being stocked at huge weights?

I am not going to waste my time by answering this question.

Have you ever fished abroad for big carp?

I have fished abroad on a few accessions, mainly in competitions like the World Carp Classic on Lac De Madine.

The big-fish foreign scene does not appeal to me in the slightest. I enjoy my English fishing too much and there are plenty of accessible big fish on home territory.

Aside from boilies, if you had to use just one other bait to target carp, what would it be?

Plastic corn all the way.

I have caught so many carp on PVA bags and honestly believe that if I did a whole season using just PVA bags I wouldn't go too far wrong.

So my one bait would be mixed pellets inside a PVA bag. 

Do you have many ambitions left in fishing?

My main ambition has and always will be to simply enjoy my fishing.

I know that sounds simple, but believe me it can be very easy to not enjoy carp fishing (especially with all the media-related requirements expected from sponsors). 

Other than that my next ambition is to catch a UK day-ticket 45lb-plus common. 

Do you think that there’s an uncaught British record swimming around out there?

No I don't. Carp only seem to stack on weight due to the amount of bait that goes into venues and a big naturally grown carp is highly unlikely to ever reach British-record proportions.