George Benos Q&A

George Benos Q&A

Big-fish angler George Benos has an enviable list of captures to his name, including banking two carp for 110lb in 48 hours from two different counties last year. 

We asked him to look back on his angling career...

When did you start fishing for carp, and who inspired you?

I have been an angler for as long as I can remember, but I only really started seriously hunting for carp in the mid-1990s, when I as about 20 years old.

As for inspirational characters back then, I’d have to say it was probably Terry Hearn and Dave Lane who I most admired and read everything they wrote.

What is your favourite venue of all time?

That’s a hard question, as I have fished some truly great lakes in my time, but if pushed I’d have to pick the St Ives Lagoon in Cambridgeshire.

However, I’m currently fishing on Burghfield, which I’m loving, so I may be changing my opinion soon.


  • Age: 43            
  • Lives: Broxbourne, Herts
  • Occupation: AA Patrol
  • UK PB: The Parrot (from Wasing) at 62lb 8oz
  • Hobbies outside fishing? Sleeping (It’s all about fishing - no time for anything else!)
  • Music to accompany your perfect session? I’m not really into music
  • Pot Noodle or toastie? Toastie
George with Wingham's Black Spot at 58lb 6oz

George with Wingham's Black Spot at 58lb 6oz

What's your most memorable capture

That’s another hard one! I’m going to say the Amphibian, from Manor Farm in Essex. I worked so hard on that place and yet got pipped to the post so many times.

I witnessed lots of other anglers catching and photographing her, sometimes from areas that I had been baiting, and also people catching her from swims I had been trying to get into.

So, to finally catch her in the winter (after a three-month baiting campaign) at a record weight, really was an epic moment, and one that I shall never forget.

If you could go back in time and fish for one carp what would it be?

There are some many fish I would have loved to have a go for, if only I had had enough time. If I had to choose one, it would have to have been the Black Mirror from the Mere. I really regret not having dabble at that one!

What’s your idea of the perfect session?

I like to fish all year round, so my perfect session would combine the quietness of winter and the hope and expectancy of spring…. but the carp would have the appetite they do in autumn!

I’d be ‘working’ a swim, and fishing over lots of bait as I think that you can always trip up the bigger carp when they let their guard down.

George with Wasing's Parrot at 62lb

George with Wasing's Parrot at 62lb

Who is the best carp angler you’ve ever seen?

I don't think I could pick just one, as I've fished with some really great anglers, all of which have their own unique qualities.

Have you ever fished abroad for big carp? 

Going back over 20 years, I fished a little bit on the ‘commercial’ big carp lakes in France.

I don't really have time these days, as I always seems to get bogged down hunting a specific carp in the UK. However, I must say that the whole idea of fishing some of the wild, windswept pits of Europe does hold a huge attraction for me…. so who knows!

If you had to use one non-boilie bait for life what would it be?

Easy. Tiger nuts.

Do you have many ambitions left in fishing?

Loads! They is always somewhere to go next, after catching the one you wanted. I like to think that the hunger will never die!

Do you think that there’s an uncaught British record out there?

Almost definitely, yes. However, with so many private estate lakes and ‘hush hush’ venues about, accessibility is always going to be the biggest huddle.