Euro Banx 4: eight things to look out for!

Euro Banx 4: eight things to look out for!

Road-trip carp videos don’t come any better than Alan Blair and Oli Davies’ Euro Banx series.

There’s enough inspirational footage in each video to last a year, so we sat down in front of Euro Banx 4 with fevered anticipation, and we weren’t disappointed.

Once we’d watched it once, we went back through the 1hr 43m epic with a fine-tooth comb, an itchy pause-button finger and, well, let’s be honest, far too much time on our hands.

Here are our picks of things you might’ve missed…

1) Music is the answer


Music plays a huge part in these videos, and Alan and Oli’s lives, so we’re always keen to hear what they’re listening to.

On this shot of the van’s sound system our eyes were drawn to the track at the bottom of the screen, Misun’s Eli Eli (Maduk remix). It’s Alan’s favourite road-trip anthem, which he calls a “proper cheesy banger”.

How do we know? He divulged his eclectic musical tastes to us last year

The song features in one of the best scenes in EB4, too!

2) Up ship creek


Our intrepid duo got one more ferry than they were meant to, causing all sorts of problems, and it’s all Carl Smith’s fault.

Although not mentioned in this film, Alan divulged to Carpology that the elder half of YouTube’s Carl & Alex set the sat nav to avoid toll roads, thus diverting the lads across water and leading to Alan and Oli getting split up for hours.

3) Glorious Sweden


Sweden looks incredible in this video and it’s clearly a very special place. When Alan and Oli arrive at Lilla Tjärby they rejoice in being able to park behind their swims.

In fact, Sweden has a brilliant practice known as Allmansrätten, or ‘everyone’s right’, that allows you to camp almost anywhere.

Anglers from outside the country still need a licence to fish in Sweden, but to learn more about this brilliant attitude to wild camping click here.

4) Buzzing for lovely times

YouTube is a wonderful tool, particular since the introduction of subtitles, which are a boon for people with hearing problems or those who want a translation into another language.

For those of us with tongues firmly in cheek, however, opening up the transcript of the subtitles allows you to count how many times certain phrases or words are used.

This is a Nash video, so obviously we first searched for ‘lovely times’. We’re surprised only four instances are recorded.

lovely times.jpg

‘Buzzing’ gets a much more respectable 14 airings!


5) What a drive!

Obviously, we don't know exactly where Alan and Oli drove to, but we had a good stab at plotting their route on Google Maps and it's pretty epic.

Google wouldn't show us the ferry between Sweden and Poland (perhaps because it's currently out of season), so we split the journey into two legs, starting at Nash HQ and ending at We Are FSTVL. 

It works out at almost two days of solid driving and about 2,500 miles. That's a road trip!

6) Jungle brothers

Matti Blair.jpg

As already mentioned, music is big part of these productions, and you might’ve noticed a familiar name in the tracklisting at the end of the video. Matti is Alan’s brother.

7) Making friends


Alan has a brilliant knack of engaging the public during his videos, and Euro Banx 4 is no exception. The moment he shares with the boy and his grandparents in Sweden is what it’s all about.

8) Breaking down borders

Another part of the Euro Banx ethos is to break down country borders and bring people together through carp fishing. It’s something Alan mentions in Warsaw, but is a theme throughout.


One thing that always impresses us is the impeccable English of the European anglers encountered, but this time it was the fairground attendant’s command of the language that made us pretty ashamed of our ropey GCSE German. Big ups!