Carpfeed's alternative review of the year 2018

Carpfeed's alternative review of the year 2018

You don’t need us to tell you the important stuff that happened in 2018.

Every carp angler with a social media account can do that on #ThrowbackThursday. Even when it’s not Thursday. Or a throwback.

So here are the interesting trends or daft stuff we’ve spotted in carp fishing over the last 12 months.


Capture of the year on ‘Bellkims’

Arguably the finest carp capture in years, Nick Helleur’s Thames 50 was a magical moment.

But as this is an alternative review of the year, let’s concentrate on his bite alarms. He didn’t use any.

Fishing from his boat, Nick used clip-on bells from eBay attached to his rod tips!

“Bellkims, we call them,” Nick told us. “The hull is glass fibre and the whole boat acts like a speaker, so you don’t miss anything.

“With a buzzer, a bobbin and backleads the flow is always keeping the line tight. There are so many occasions where you’d wake up with a bream on each rod, without any indications.”


2018 was the year for carpers to mingle with celebs…

North-west carper Joe Jaggar has amassed a large following on social media this year, mainly due to his travels as a Liverpool fan.

His ‘viral’ moment came at the Emirates where he handed Rio Ferdinand his phone to snap a pic of him and young son Bobby. When he checked his phone, ex-Man Utd star Rio had cheekily left a pic of his own in Joe’s camera roll!

Despite some fans taking umbrage, Joe loved the fact the rivalry endures!

When we saw this screenshot via former Total Carp editor Jim Foster, we thought well-known carper Lee Merritt had hilariously photobombed Faithless lead singer Maxi Jazz, leading to him to write the caption “Just met this beautiful blond lady on a well needed break !! And some fat ginger gezzer [sic] photo bombed our pic”

But, the screenshot is not from Faithless (that’s not their Instagram name) and the lovely lady is Lee’s partner, so we reckon it’s a bit of self-deprecation from Lee himself.

Personalised tackle became even more popular

Sod getting your kettle etched, in 2018 we got some Spombs hydrodipped. You can see the process here.


A fishing video not about fishing won the internet

No fishing video in the whole of 2018 made us laugh like this one did.

Life @ Nash 3 was the third installment of the behind-the-scenes series from the Nash crew and was released in May.

Halfway through the video, the Nash team take a break from fishing to read out some of the nastiest comments left on their YouTube channel. And the results are genuinely hilarious.


Skip to 26m 42s in the video below for the hilariousness.

We stumbled across in-swim entertainment

We’re not saying this was new for 2018, or unique, but on a filming trip in April we spotted plug-and-play Sky TV dishes in swims for the first time.

Welham Lake in Yorkshire has a couple of swims boasting these dishes. Apparently you can bring your own box (and screen) and plug it all in!

Everyone had an opinion on Captain Jack

The biggest living carp in Britain (possibly!) was caught a few times in 2018, but an official record claim was rejected by the British Record Fish Committee in November.

The fish’s Israeli heritage counted against it, but we won’t rehearse the arguments here!


Fishing is dangerous!


Like thousands of anglers do without incident, Jack Dwyer grabbed a midweek overnight session and managed to catch a double-figure common back in March.

Sadly, as a result of handling the fish, which excreted while on the mat, a tiny cut on Jack’s hand became infected and the results were horrific.

Sorry if you’re eating, but here’s what the infection did to his hand. Full story here.


Euro Aqua produced the biggest carp ever caught

Love it or hate it, Euro Aqua is home to the biggest carp in the world. And it produced yet another 100-pounder in November with this 112lb beast. Will we see a 120-pounder in 2019?!


Spod wars ignited, then fizzled out

In the first half of 2018, Judith and Bryan Houghton of Spomb would jump on any perceived infringement of their copyright, causing much debate on social media.

Then Nash bought the rights to distribute the previously contraband Dot Spod from Serbian manufacturers Carp System and the threat of court action seemed to recede.

Mr and Mrs Spomb then sold their firm to Fox and became consultants for the Essex-based tackle giants, so it appears things are currently harmonious.

However, Taska is about to distribute the Spider Spod, which might re-ignite the battle of the patents!


This video summed up the joy of carp fishing

We’ll leave you with a heartwarmer. Back in April, Ashley Bull landed a lake-record 74-pounder in France surrounded by his mates, and the footage is just joyous in every way.

If you want to see the fish and read the full story, click here.