9 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars + tactics [VIDEO]

9 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars + tactics [VIDEO]

Carp Wars 2 is edging towards a thrilling finale as episode 11 hits Sky Sports and FishingTV from today [February 8].

Thanks to the guys at FishingTV we've had a sneak peek at this week's episode, filmed at Valley Lake on the Fryerning complex and featuring Ian Russell and Dave Levy.


Here are a few things to watch out for in this episode, plus a great tactics video from Mr Russell.

1 Ian and Dave bring the bantz...

levy bantz.jpg

These two cheeky south-east geezers don't need a second invitation to start taking the mick out of each other.

Where Dave leads, Ian follows...

rubber trousers.jpg

2 Dave doesn't need human friends anyway


A wayward racing pigeon drops in to give Dave some company

3 They're both barking up the same tree

same spot.jpg

Despite fishing opposite banks, both Dave and Ian end up fishing towards the same feature.

5 Dave gets tactical

bait pole.jpg

Dave's use of a baiting pole to target a far-margin feature is a great example of how these devices can be deployed.

6 Ian turns impressionist

Obviously this isn't a screengrab from this episode, but many of you will recognise the legend that is Derek 'The Don' Ritchie, and on two occasions during this show Ian does a frankly brilliant impression of him. Keeeeerrrr'mon!

7 Mr Russell admits a flaw in his personality


8 Oh yeah, there are also some fish in this one...

fish jump.jpg

Valley isn't an easy water, but this pair do get among the fish. And not just carp...

9 And some tactical nuggets...

line tightening.jpg

Tightening down to your lead is about finesse, and Dave shows a simple but effective way to do it...

WATCH: Ian's corn rig

Carp Wars episode 11 can be seen on Sky Sports Arena at 4.30pm today  [8/2/18].

It will then be available to watch via the FishingTV apps and from FishingTV.com from Friday February 9.

Visit the FishingTV site or apps to watch Carp Wars Extra and post-match analysis.