6 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars + bloopers [VIDEO]

6 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars + bloopers [VIDEO]

Carp Wars 2 is hotting up as episode 10 prepares to air on Sky Sports and online from tomorrow [Thursday, Feb 1].

We managed to blag a preview screening thanks to the guys at FishingTV and can mark your card ahead of this week’s crunch tie between Iain Macmillan and Dave Lane.


Here a few things to watch out for in this episode (which Iain must win to have any chance of making the final), plus a brilliant bloopers video.

1 Dave still can’t remember his age

age unknown.jpg

We interviewed Mr Lane last year and he couldn’t, or wouldn’t, remember his age back then. We’re glad his amnesia is universal!

2 We get an amazing glimpse of old-school Laney

another outfit.jpg

This isn’t the only photo from the archives that makes an appearance in this episode.

3 Iain prefers Dave just the way he is now

iain quote.jpg

“He’s ageing, he’s grey, but he’s embraced that. He looks like a real human being rather than a member of Dr Feel Good.” [We had to Google them, too!]

4 Dave deploys a cunning tactic

secret method.jpg

We’ll tease you with this one, but this massive sea float is all part of Dave’s masterplan…

5 It doesn’t all go Mr Lane’s way

fish oil teeth.jpg

This is the exact moment Dave realises he’s just put his fish-oil-covered fingers in his mouth

6 The bleep machine earns its keep

As we’ve come to expect from Carp Wars, this pair of carping veterans are as good at winding each other up as they are at angling. We counted five bleeped swears and a ‘bugger’ in this week’s show!

The bloopers reel

Carp Wars episode 10 can be seen on Sky Sports Arena at 5pm tomorrow [1/2/18].

It will then be available to watch via the FishingTV apps and from FishingTV.com from Friday February 2.

Visit the FishingTV site or apps to watch Carp Wars Extra and post-match analysis.