6 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars [VIDEO]

6 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars [VIDEO]

Episode 12 of Carp Wars 2 airs this week [February 15] and sees teenager Steven Coe take on experienced hand Lee 'Mozza' Morris.

Once again, the generous souls at FishingTV have given us a private screening and we're here to mark your card ahead of transmission.

This episode was filmed at East Delph, a venue Carpfeed knows well, and the fishing didn't disappoint.


1 Steven's 'Preparator' nickname is well deserved


As nicknames go, it's not exactly imposing, but Steven's preparation levels are through the roof. Just look at those zigs!

2 He even takes a TABLE with him


Now that's dedication to laying out your kit! Though with each competitor having access to three swims, it's not the most mobile option...

3 'Mozza' is less fastidious about his kit

mozza box.jpg

This is Mozza's box. Forget the contents, its the writing on the lid that intrigues us. If you can read it, do let us know!

4 East Delph shows off its potential

Click the image above to see our full venue guide to this thriving former match venue. We won't give away any spoilers, but some of the lake's finest fish make an appearance in this episode

5 Is a new mascot trend emerging?

ferret rods.jpg

Regular Carp Wars viewers will be familiar with the box at the foot of Lee's pod. What's in it? The ashes of his dead ferret, obviously. Will it catch on among superstitious anglers? Hmmm.

6 Someone didn't read the rules


You're allowed to fish on the surface at East Delph, but you can't loosefeed floating baits. Guess which angler hadn't read the rules before turning up with bucket loads of mixers...?


Carp Wars episode 12 can be seen on Sky Sports Arena at 5.30pm tomorrow  [15/2/18].

It will then be available to watch via the FishingTV apps and from FishingTV.com from Friday February 16.

Visit the FishingTV site or apps to watch Carp Wars Extra and post-match analysis.