5 things we miss in modern carp fishing

5 things we miss in modern carp fishing

Trends come and go, technology marches on and our hobby never stays still, so forgive us this rose-tinted look back at things we really wish were still around...

1) Bedchair handwheels

We certainly don’t miss the pain of rolling over onto these cumbersome cog cylinders, but in this age of fully flat beds (the ‘chair’ bit has also seemingly vanished) where the bloody hell are we supposed to hang our headtorches?!

The perfect headtorch hanger!

The perfect headtorch hanger!

Can’t the industry re-introduce decorative handwheels just so we’ve got a convenient outcrop on which to hang our headtorches at night?

2) Massive swinger indicators

We’ve only included this one to pick up all the Google traffic from people searching for ‘massive swingers’.

Seriously, we’re genuinely aggrieved at the widespread disappearance of – let’s be specific here – Fox Swingers. The ones with the sliding weights.

We genuinely love these

We genuinely love these

There was the original, a Mk2, a Mk3 and a Euro version of these beasts – and they were all very good. Why does no-one this side of the Channel seem to use them anymore?

Visually they might overpower your sexy understated setup, but the sliding weight, which could be used to modulate the resistance offered by the swinger is really useful.

They also look like Peter Crouch doing the robot dance when you get a bite, which can only be a plus.

In 2018 we might spam Instagram with endless pics of swingers to get them back in fashion…

3) Richworth Attracta Leads

Now we’re really reminiscing!

PVA and liquids are still all the rage in carp angling, but for some reason these fiendishly clever devices have vanished from tackle shops.

Ahead of their time?

Ahead of their time?

For those who don’t remember them, you basically strapped a dissolving vial of liquid to a specially shaped lead, like the booster rockets on the side of Nasa’s Space Shuttle.

If they had been invented today, with a flashy promo video on Facebook and some celeb endorsement, they would fly off the shelves.

Sure, they were fiddly as hell to use and didn’t always work how you imagined, but so was Scalextric, and old gits still get misty eyed over that.

4) Original Pedigree Chum Mixers

It’s the actual law these days that you can’t eat a Wagon Wheel without commenting on how much bigger they used to be.

It is also the law that you can’t be an experienced floater angler without witheringly bemoaning the disappearance of original Pedigree Chum Mixers every summer.

Yes, Pedigree Chum Mixers still exist, but they changed the formula, goddammit!

The current cuboid biscuits aren't nearly as floaty as they used to be. And for surface anglers that's a crime.

They say that if you visit a carp lake on the first hot day of the year and listen carefully you’ll hear a middle-aged man sobbing into his bait box muttering, "But they used to be just SO buoyant".

5) Paying for carp fishing videos

Consuming carp videos used to be an event.

You’d be lucky if half a dozen new VHS cassettes – with the production values of your dad's 'Christmas 1989' video – hit the shelves each year, but you’d lap them up because footage of carp fishing was so rare to see.

YouTube? Pah! 

YouTube? Pah! 

Nowadays, every sod’s got a GoPro, a fetish for timelapses and a seemingly endless supply of third-rate dubstep backing music. And everything is free to watch on YouTube or Facebook.

We are drowning in carp videos.

And though while we can't logically argue against the current situation, we do miss the good old days of Clean River Fishing videos and shaky camera work.  

There was a distinct badge of honour in going to your local tackle shop and renting (what do you mean your local tackle shop didn't have a rental service?!) a worn copy of Liam Dale’s Guide to Carp Fishing for a quid…