4 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars [VIDEO]

4 things to spot in this week's Carp Wars [VIDEO]

Episode 14 of Carp Wars 2 airs this week [March 1] and sees 17-year-old Steven Coe take on seasoned campaigner Dave Levy.

This episode was filmed on Loggies Lake on the Stour Valley complex in Kent.

Once again, the nice people at FishingTV have given us a private screening and we're here with our weekly preview.


1 Did we just spy a new must-have product?


No, not Dave Levy's brolly, but the plastic chair positioned in his swim.

Sure, you might've fidgeted on something similar at school or in a doctor's waiting room, but you can't deny they're lightweight and durable.

Finding one without chewing gum stuck to the underside might be a tough task though...

2 Steven's tackle obsession is impressive/worrying


We've pointed it out before, but Steven's got a vast amount of tackle. In this episode he's seen with a full set up for EACH SIDE OF THE LAKE to save time when moving swims.

The pics above and below show his two complete sets.

It's either brilliant or...


3 The mind goggles...

What is Steven doing here?

Well, we've watched the episode twice and we're still not quite sure! 

4 The backwind v clutch debate continues

No pics to give the game away here, but it's interesting to note that in this and other episodes of Carp Wars, some anglers still prefer to play fish while backwinding and others use the clutch.

We noticed it in Korda's latest Masterclass video, too!


Carp Wars episode 14 can be seen on Sky Sports Arena at 5.30pm tomorrow  [1/3/18].

It will then be available to watch via the FishingTV apps and from FishingTV.com from Friday, March 2.

Visit the FishingTV site or apps to watch Carp Wars Extra and post-match analysis.