4 things to spot in the Carp Wars FINAL! [VIDEO]

4 things to spot in the Carp Wars FINAL! [VIDEO]

It's the final! Series two of Carp Wars has built to this moment, and now Lee Morris and Ian Russell will face off to be crowned this year's champion.

This special episode, with the match extended to 48 hours, airs on Sky Sports Arena today [15/3/18] at 5pm.

It will then be available to watch at any time from tomorrow on www.fishingtv.com.

Once again, we've had a private screening and we're here with our weekly preview.


1 The venue is pretty special


Look at that! Like last year, Etang Le Fays is the venue for this series. It's a 17-acre venue in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France with 500 carp to over 70lb. 

2 The rules have changed

48 hours.jpg

For this series decider, the match length has been doubled and both anglers are allowed to use three rods. 

Both men still have three swims each, which they can move between at any point during the competition.

3 Mozza's got a new mascot

As we've noted before, Lee loves a mascot, but in a radical departure from his usual lucky charm, Mozza has ditched the ashes of his beloved ferret (we kid you not) in favour of this inflatable killer whale.

Its name? Whale-son. Like Wilson in Cast Away, we presume...

4 Lee will not be hurried

six rigs.jpg

The tension is palpable throughout this episode (for many reasons it's probably our favourite of the series), and Lee is leaving nothing to chance. 

He's turned up with tonnes of kit and, true to his meticulous nature, won't be rushed.


This episode can be seen on Sky Sports Arena at 5pm today [March 15]

It will then be available to watch via the FishingTV apps and from FishingTV.com from Friday, March 16.

Visit the FishingTV site or apps to watch Carp Wars Extra and post-match analysis.