10 signs you're an obsessive carp angler

10 signs you're an obsessive carp angler

Sure, you go carp fishing. But are you a real carp angler? If more than half of these traits ring true you've definitely caught the bug...

1) It’s easier to always leave your car like this

2) Your bankside cutlery looks like a Time Team discovery

3) This is a perfectly acceptable shopping trip

4) Your knowledge of British places is based on well-known lakes

5) Your freezer is for essentials

6) You have a strong opinion about folded reel handles

7) You know someone who knows someone who accidentally pooed in the hood of their one-piece suit

8) You’ve written in the frost on your bivvy

9) Your rucksack contains a substance harder than diamonds. A pot of decade-old pop-ups.

10) You’ve tied a piece of line to your mate’s bobbin and given them a false take