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10 in-form winter carp venues

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10 in-form winter carp venues

If you're looking for the best winter carp venues then steps this way...

Knowing where to fish for carp in winter can be a bit of a gamble.

Prolific summer venues can shut up shop in the colder months and many lakes can look bleak.

However, we've compiled a list of 10 day-ticket carp waters worth targeting right now. And every single one of them has a bespoke Carpfeed lake map and full tactics guide to help you catch. 

Click each map for a more detailed look at that particular lake. So, in no particular order, here they are...

10) Orchid Lake, Oxfordshire

We say: A real winter gem, but look for the right weather conditions. The Orchid fish love big winds and stormy weather.

Look for owner Marsh Pratley's Facebook page for scarily accurate predictions about when it's going to kick off...

9) Monument Two, Shropshire

We say: We could have included both Monument lakes here, but Two gets the nod due to its relatively younger stock. Maggots are allowed in the colder months and produce lots of fish. 

8) Durleigh Reservoir, Somerset

We say: Perhaps not all that widely known outside the South-West scene, this expansive venue provided Tom Maker with plenty of bites at the back end of 2017.  

7) Drayton Reservoir, Northamptonshire

We say: If you want bites, this is the place to come. A huge stock means it fishes in even the harshest conditions. Zigs, small PVA bags and a little-and-often baiting approach are good starting points.

6) East Delph Front Lake, Cambridgeshire 

We say: A brilliant water for a winter social as it can be booked for groups. The fish in here are young stunners that are piling on the weight.

5) Grendon Pond, Northamptonshire

We say: A classic shallow estate lake, which reacts quickly to mild spells. Arrive at daybreak and watch the fish show themselves. 

4) Sandhurst Lake, Hampshire

We say: Another classic winter venue, much like Orchid Lake, which attracts star names targeting the good head of big fish.

3) Stanwick Swan Lake, Northamptonshire

We say: A well-stocked former match venue with year-round form. Venue recently re-opened after flooding so the fish will be hungry.

2) Beatties Lake, Devon

We say: Well-kept holiday venue that produces multiple catches throughout the winter.

1) Rookley Large Lake, Isle of Wight

We say: When things gets really tough and most mainland venues have frozen, you can normally rely on this place to produce a fish or two.