10 great things we spotted at Northern Angling Show 2019

The seventh annual Northern Angling Show filled one of the massive Event City halls in Manchester and gave visitors plenty to see.

Among the sights were world exclusives and at least one brilliant practical joke! He’s what we spied…

1) New Delkim Txi-D

The first new Delkim since the EV+ back in 2006, and the first new flagship Txi model in over 15 years, these fresh bite alarms got their first public airing anywhere in the world over the weekend.

Still unmistakably a Delkim, these alarms, and the new receiver, are slimmer and full of new features.

The sensitivity setting has been renamed Response, as Delkim feels it better reflects its unique vibration system.

Beep Speed Control is a completely new system with eight speed levels meaning that for the first time you can have a high response (sensitivity) with slow beep speeds and low response (sensitivity) with fast beep speeds

Other things to have been improved over the old Txi include weather protection, power saving and LED settings.

The Txi-D alarm heads will retail for £134.99 and the all-new Rx-D receiver will be £149.99.

They are due to be released ‘later in the spring’ 2019.

2) New Trakker rods

Another product to get its official public unveiling was Trakker’s new range of rods.

The company is best known for its bivvies and luggage, so this is new territory, but show visitors flocked to see what was on offer.

The range features the Defy range of fishing rods and dedicated spod and marker tools.

Trakker’s new range of rods looked very impressive

Trakker’s new range of rods looked very impressive

3) No camo Titan Hide

In his main-stage talk on Saturday, Alan Blair sadly revealed the camo Titan Hide seen in Euro Banx 5 will not make it into production.


The globetrotting star said he had received hundreds of messages about the bivvies and admitted it was probably a mistake to show the samples on camera.

On the plus side, those lightweight reels you might also have spotted in the hit YouTube videos WILL make it into tackle shops later this year under the Nash Scope brand.

These new Nash Scope reels will be launched this year

These new Nash Scope reels will be launched this year

4) New Wolf Icon bite alarms

If all goes well, a working set of these new beauties will be officially unveiled at The Big One show in Farnborough next month.

It looks like there’s some impressive technology in these units, but full details (including a release date and cost) are still a little way off.

Wolf is run by Richard Fox, son of Cliff Fox who founded Fox International, so you know these alarms will leave nothing to chance.

These new alarms should be officially unveiled at  www.thebigoneshow.co.uk

These new alarms should be officially unveiled at www.thebigoneshow.co.uk

5) New RidgeMonkey shelters

Designed for lengthy Euro sessions, this was the first time this pair of RidgeMonkey shelters had been seen in the UK.

Unlike other bivvies on the market, these have a sturdy collapsible frame (reminiscent of the Oztents you might have seen favoured by South African carpers) and provide plenty of space and shelter.

We didn’t manage to catch too many details, but they’re called Escape bivvies and are due to be available by the end of the year.

6) The classic ‘fiver on fishing line’ routine

There was mischief in the air on Sunday as a classic practical joke caught out a steady stream of punters.

We won’t grass up the chuckling instigators, but everyone saw the funny side as a seemingly discarded £5 note was winched out of the grasping reach of passing anglers using a rod and line.

Well played!

7) New Gardner Covert Tungsten bits

Gardner brought a range of new tungsten rig bits to the show. Particularly impressive are the beads and sinkers which have been designed with a larger bore to enable you to thread them without inadvertently stripping your coated braid. Simple, but much needed!


8) New Solar Spider bivvy

Once known almost solely for beautiful stainless bankware and terminal tackle, Solar has massively expanded into ‘green stuff’ recently.

Drawing plenty of admiring glances over the weekend was the all-new Spider bivvy.

Our initial thoughts are that it looks like a cross between a Titan and a Tempest, and that’s no bad thing at all!

It’s got Solar’s Easy-Loc leg system for rapid setup times and looks a high-quality product. It’s out soon priced at £499.99

Solar’s new Spidder bivvy

Solar’s new Spidder bivvy

9) Thinking Tackle hooks

Eagerly awaited by many, the Thinking Tackle hook range is just around the corner and NAS visitors were given a preview of the range.

There are four patterns to choose from (curve, straight eye, curve point and out-turned eye) and we hope to give them a proper once over very soon

Thinking Tackle hooks

10) Shimano Isolate Bait

Shimano’s first range of boilies was another big hit over the weekend.

There’s a nut boilie and a liver-based fishmeal in the range, plus a host of TX1 flavours which will be available on a buy-two-get-one-free offer.

Shops should be getting supplies later this week [March 1].