BaitThom AirsSticky, Krill


BaitThom AirsSticky, Krill

Sticky Krill is one of the best-selling boilies in history. We cracked open a bag to find out why.

They say

"Perfect nutrition created 130 million years ago. The not-so-humble krill is the namesake of this extremely successful fishmeal-based bait range. The Krill has yet again been tailored to suit a carp’s dietary requirements through a blend of the freshest high-quality fishmeals, milk proteins and birdfoods available on the planet! A bait that perhaps has the best track record in recent history."

We say

The bait that took Sticky stratospheric, the Krill is an absolute monster of a boilie. It has caught all sorts of huge fish all over the country and despite the release of the Manilla is still a massive seller.

Wherever you fish, you can almost guarantee the fish have seen, and been caught on, this bait. Quite simply, it works.

No expense is spared with the raw ingredients and each boilie is made on a state-of-the-art production line at Sticky's spotless factory (we've visited and it's the best in the business). It's these little details that have led so many top anglers to use the Krill with confidence.

Two things we feel are worth noting. The accompanying cloudy liquid is an excellent boat soak with a multitude of uses, and the shelf-life version of the Krill is one of the best around and just as good as the freezer variant.

RRP £11.99 (1kg). £12.99 for 12mm baits.

Boilie sizes: 12mm, 16mm, 20mm

Pellet sizes: 2.3mm, 4mm, 6mm

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