BOILIE REVIEW: Sonubaits Code Red

BOILIE REVIEW: Sonubaits Code Red

The Code Red has been a real breakthrough boilie for Sonubaits, finding success up and down the land.

They say

"The high levels of liquid food attractors in Code Red boilies means they have the same texture as freezer baits and therefore the attractants and food signals start releasing straight away when the baits are in the water. The level of highly digestible ingredients including pre-digested fishmeal and liquid liver means the carp will recognise Code Red as a valuable food source and keep coming back for more."

We say

Developed in conjunction with Ian Russell, who ran Heathrow Bait Services back in the day, and honed during a long testing period, Code Red was Sonubaits' breakthrough boilie.

Don't let the name fool you, this fishmeal boilie is more brown than red. From looks and smell alone you are reminded of traditional big-fish baits.

Sonubaits says it's the 'freezer bait that doesn't need freezing' and that is a major selling point for anglers with limited freezer space or those who cannot plan trips in advance. Code Red boilies are noticeably softer than most shelf-life baits, which will appeal to many anglers, but be careful of splitting when using them in a throwing stick.

With the introduction of sister bait 24/7, we'd suggest this is more of a summer and autumn boilie, but we know many anglers happily use it all year round.  The unusual 1.75kg bags, which come in at a penny under £20, might raise eyebrows among anglers used to buying in kilo denominations but they're great for a weekend session and are resealable.

RRP: £19.99 for 1.75kg

Boilie sizes: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm (including pop-ups)

Pellet sizes: 2mm, 4mm

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