Solar Top Banana

Solar Top Banana

They say

"Made from the original Savay Seed Mix ingredients, the Top Banana has always been top of the list for many anglers on pressured waters, often producing when all else fails."

We say

One of the most 'sweetshop' smells on the market, these fruity shelf-life boilies really grab your attention. It's not just bananas at work here - there's caramel toffee and pear in the mix too. The smoothness of the toffee and the sharp sweetness of the bananas and pear ester works really well together.

Bright yellow and flecked with seeds, these high-attract boilies are perfect for use on heavily fished venues or in winter.

RRP: £9.99 (1kg) £75 (10kg)

Boilie sizes: 14mm, 18mm

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