BOILIE REVIEW: Solar Top Banana Originals

BOILIE REVIEW: Solar Top Banana Originals

Solar Top Banana boilies have been relaunched under the Originals banner and are better than ever.

They say

"Developed on our legendary Savay Seed Mix base, a fantastic 'instant' bait, with the carefully balanced nutritional profile ensuring it has long-term effectiveness as well."

We say

One of the most 'sweetshop' smells on the market, these fruity boilies really grab your attention.

It's not just bananas at work here - there's caramel toffee and pear in the mix too. The smoothness of the toffee and the sharp sweetness of the bananas and pear ester works really well together.

Bright yellow and flecked with seeds, these high-attract boilies are perfect for use on heavily fished venues or in winter.


RRP: £10.99 (1kg of shelf-life) £11.99 (1kg of frozen) £44.99 (5kg of shelf-life) £49.99 (5kg of frozen)

Boilie sizes: 15mm, 20mm

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