BOILIE REVIEW: Solar Seafood Takeaway

BOILIE REVIEW: Solar Seafood Takeaway

Solar Seafood Takeaway boilies have now been replaced by the Solar Originals range. 

They say

"We’ve combined the finest Scottish salmon meal with crustacean and pre-digested fishmeals, seafood extracts, concentrates, flavours, enhancers and appetite stimulants and then added whole micro halibut pellets for extra nutrition and ‘crunch factor’ and the result is something very special indeed."

We say

We are big fans of this one here at Carpfeed. One of our team fished with this bait one summer at Bluebell Lakes and said it out-fished every other hookbait he tried. This is a proper fishmeal, packed with fishy flavours and smells. It is absolutely ideal for fishing alongside trout or halibut pellets as it has a very similar colour and fragrance. Try glugging it in Solar's Marine 17 liquid.

RRP: £10.99 (1kg frozen) £9.99 (1kg shelf-life). £75 (10kg, frozen or shelf-life)

Boilie sizes: 14mm (shelf-life only), 18mm

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