BOILIE REVIEW: Solar Club Mix Originals

BOILIE REVIEW: Solar Club Mix Originals

Now under Solar Bait's Originals banner, the Club Mix is a boilie which has stood the test of time.

They say

"Our flagship bait, the Club Mix needs no introduction with its long history and impeccable reputation. No other bait has accounted for more big fish captures around the world than 'the Club'."

We say

Featuring high-quality pre-digested fishmeals, milk proteins, Haith's Robin Red, plus amino compounds and liquid stimulants, this is an extremely capable big-fish bait.

In addition to squid and octopus and anchovy there's a salt-and-pepper additive that really gives it a kick.

These boilies have been around for years and have built a very strong reputation off the back of many top catches. A great campaign bait.

Solar Club Mix boilies range

RRP: £11.99 (1kg frozen) £11.99 (1kg shelf-life). £49.99 (5kg, frozen or shelf-life)

Boilie sizes: 15mm, 20mm

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