BOILIE REVIEW: Dynamite Complex-T

BOILIE REVIEW: Dynamite Complex-T

Complex-T is the latest big-fish boilie from Dynamite Baits. It has already accounted for many huge carp.

They say

"This is a bait fish recognise as a natural food and can easily digest all year round - a real food bait that will take your carp fishing to the next level. A complex, deep but subtle liver, fishmeal boilie that Terry [Hearn] is delighted with and we think you will be too."

We say

Only launched in 2016, this is Terry Hearn's baby. While we can't yet objectively comment on its long-term impact, our first impressions are very good indeed.

It just looks, feels and smells like a classic big-carp fishmeal bait. There's a hint of the old Nash Monster Pursuit in here, with a really deep fishy smell. The feel and colour are also spot on. Flecks of colour are provided by tiny seeds, while this soft boilie has a lovely open texture.

With cod liver oil and Robin Red, both sourced from Haith's, plus pre-digested liver, Antarctic krill and LT94 fishmeal, Complex-T is a painstakingly created food bait that can genuinely be used all year round.

Available in both freezer and shelf-life versions.

RRP: £10.75 (1kg) £39.99 (5kg)

Boilie sizes: 12mm (1kg bags only), 15mm, 18mm, 20mm

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