BOILIE REVIEW: CC Moore Live System

BOILIE REVIEW: CC Moore Live System

CC Moore Live System boilies have firmly established themselves at the top table of carp baits.

They say

"If you're looking for a bait that can be used throughout the year without any pre-baiting or a boilie that can be fished alongside another bait, then Live System is the ideal choice for you."

We say

A modern classic. Live System features heavily in the catch reports we receive, particularly during the colder months.

It has a marzipan-like aroma, but behind that initial smell is a complex bait made with milk proteins, yeasts, vegetable proteins, birdfoods, cream powders and corn steep liquor powder.

It goes well with CC Moore's extensive range of Liquid Foods and is often combined with particles and maggots.

In short, it's highly digestible and already established on many waters throughout the country.

RRP £11.99 (1kg)

Boilie sizes: 10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 24mm (including pop-ups)

Pellet sizes: 2mm, 6mm

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