BOILIE REVIEW: Baitology Honey Mulberry

BOILIE REVIEW: Baitology Honey Mulberry

Baitology has well and truly announced itself on the carp-bait scene and this is one of the Dutch firm's top boilies.

baitology boilies Honey Mulberry

They say

"For those who prefer a sweet bait it is definitely recommended!"

We say

Sweet and aromatic, the Honey Mulberry boilies contain vanilla, sweetcorn and, of course, honey and mulberry flavours.

This is one of Baitology's premium range, offering quality ingredients and more complex mixes.

That said, these are still affordable baits at £63 for 10kg and our inspection revealed them to be very good quality shelf-lifes.

The mix is flecked with birdseed and the flavours aren't harsh or chemically. This strikes us as a good, affordable year-round bait.

These boilies are available direct from Baitology.

baitology boilies

RRP: £53 (10kg), £116 (25kg), £220 (50kg), £415 (100kg)

Boilie sizes: 15mm and 18mm,

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