BOILIE REVIEW: Baitology Fish Krill

BOILIE REVIEW: Baitology Fish Krill

A great fishmeal boilie is crucial to most bait companies' fortunes, and Baitology's crustacean-infused offering is a cracker 

baitology krill review

They say

"The composition of this successful bait is due to the combination of LT999 fish and krill meal which is a strong-smelling 'fishy' flour that is rich in high-quality proteins, amino acids and unsaturated fats.

"The finished boilie is coarse in texture which in turn enables the attractants and flavours to slowly leach out of the bait over a long period of time, thus making it a real winner for those anglers looking for an edge."

We say

A dark bait with a 'dry' fishy aroma and plenty of texture, the Fish Krill matches the profile of a classic big-fish bait.

The LT999 fishmeal is known for its low-fat content, making it a great year-round option, and our coldwater tests seem to indicate these baits leak off their flavours very nicely.

Part of the Dutch fim's Premium range, these boilies are available direct from Baitology.

baitology boilies

RRP: £53 (10kg), £116 (25kg), £220 (50kg), £415 (100kg)

Boilie sizes: 15mm and 18mm,

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