BOILIE REVIEW: Bait-Tech Triple-N

BOILIE REVIEW: Bait-Tech Triple-N

Bait-Tech's sweet and nutty boilie Triple-N boilie range has been an instant hit.

They say

"This contains our unique trio-blend of nut meals. The highly attractive blend of peanut, tigernut and hazelnut mixed at the optimum ratios is nutritionally balanced with bird foods and refined milk proteins to ensure the optimum levels of protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins."

We say

The phrase 'sweet as a nut' springs to mind with this new offering from Bait-Tech. It's got a lovely mellow nutty smell, but it hits you with a really sweet taste thanks to the liquid additives used.

Immediately it seems perfect for cold-water use, but we're sure the Triple-N will capably catch carp all year round. 

RRP £10.99 (1kg)

Bolie sizes: 15mm and 18mm

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