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The best spod mix for Linear Fisheries

How toThom AirsBait
The best spod mix for Linear Fisheries

If you're heading to Linear Fisheries you'll want to keep the carp in your swim with the best spod mix you can create.

Fortunately, with quality ingredients you can keep things simple and still get among these pressured day-ticket fish.

Here's our guide to the best day-ticket spod mix around.

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What you'll need for a 5kg mix

How to make the perfect spod mix



A mix of particle sizes is a key part of this simple mix. We've plumped for 10mm Live System boilies, but we've added some variety by crumbing half of them.

Start by pouring 1kg of the boilies into a bucket straight from the bag.

With the second kilo, run them through a crushing device. The Korda Krusher or the RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher are great tools, but a cheap ice crusher from a hardware shop or eBay will also do the job.


sweetcorn close up .jpg

Frozen corn costs roughly a quid a kilo and carp love it, so it's no surprise it's our main ingredient. 

Bung three kilos in the bucket with the whole and crumbed boilies.

The frozen bags are ideal, though some anglers (like Linear ace Tom Maker) do have a preference for the tinned variety. In that case, catering-size tins are the best way to go.



To really set this mix apart we've gone for some Response+ Cream. Thick and creamy, this sweet nectar goes perfectly with our choice of boilies and corn, and it can be used all year round.

Give your mix a good slug of the liquid and slosh it around with the juice from the sweetcorn. 



In winter, or for an extra kick, we are a big fan of the Milkamin pellets. Completely unlike standard and ubiquitous fishmeal pellets, these milk-protein offerings can be a real edge.

The small particles complement this sweet mix brilliantly and have differing buoyancy levels, meaning some of these pellets will be suspended invitingly above the lakebed.