Make your floater hookbaits more visible at range

James Salmons likes to make his surface baits stand out from the crowd

When floater fishing I like to tip my hookbait with a thin piece of foam. This will sit on top of the bait and act as a great visual aid to help you pick out your hookbait among your freebies.

Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of your hookbait, which can make it difficult to spot finicky bites where you are required to strike in to the fish rather than letting it hook itself against the weight of a controller.

At times, the fish will just mouth the bait for a split second before spitting it out, so it can be critical to try to set the hook straight away. By carrying either yellow or black foam, I can change the tipper to suit the light levels on any given day.

Another tip is to coat your freebies in some sort of fish oil. This will help flatten off the lake’s surface when there’s a slight ripple. This will enable you to see things more clearly with the added bonus of the freebies being more attractive to the fish, too.”

 James with a surface-caught mirror

James with a surface-caught mirror