How to prepare boilies for a trip to France: Dave Lane

How to prepare boilies for a trip to France: Dave Lane

If you're going fishing in France, or beyond, for a week then is there anything you should do to your freezer boilies before you go? 

Mainline's Dave Lane offers his advice...

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Dave's pre-France prep in action

Dave's pre-France prep in action

"If I’m going abroad or fishing longer sessions in the UK during the summer, then I air-dry my freezer baits beforehand.

"I start by laying them out on a flat surface in a single layer (a mesh surface is even better - I use the trampoline in our back garden).

"A nice sunny, breezy day is best to do this, and it’s vital that they don’t get wet as water is the trigger for a lot of baits, particularly the Mainline freezer range.


"I dry them for two to three days, occasionally shaking them up to ensure they are dry all over, and bring them into the garage at night to avoid dew or dampness.

"When they are totally dry, I put a kilo at a time into a clean bucket and tip on some of the matching hookbait enhancement, pellet soak or activator.

"I then pop the bucket lid on and shake them up until they are coated all over. I repeat this until all the bait is well coated in dip and then I store them in a cool dry place; they will last for weeks.

"You can even refreeze the baits once they are fully treated and, this way, you can do large batches all at once.

"Personally, I use them straight out of the container like this without adding any water. You can rehydrate them on the bank if you feel the need by adding lake water as well but, remember; as soon as they are wet they will start to activate and you will have the same time as you would with fresh bait in water."