Coat your hookbaits AND lead for quick bites

Coat your hookbaits AND lead for quick bites

It's not just your hookbaits that can be boosted, says Ian Hirst

When fishing short sessions I love to provide the fish with something packed with attraction to get a quick bite.

This is far better than putting out loads of bait in one spot and sitting there hoping you get a pick-up during the short time you're there.

Once you have located the fish, a great method to provide maximum attraction around your hookbait is to use a proven attractant in the form of a bait glug. I’m using the new Poloni glug and matching groundbait. Firstly, take your lead (ensure it’s bone dry) and dip it into the glug.

Then, place a small amount of groundbait in a bait tub and roll the glugged-up lead in it. Repeat this procedure with your hookbait and you’ll have an irresistible morsel which will leak attractors everywhere.

The groundbait in particular will create a fizzing effect after it slowly disperses from the lead and hookbait. Just what you need to draw in some quick bites on a short session!