Choose the right lead for your marker-float setup

Choose the right lead for your marker-float setup

Ian Gemson knows how crucial lead selection can be when feature finding

To get the best from a marker rod it is important we use a buoyant float that will quickly gather line when we are depth finding. However, this buoyancy can be slightly problematic as the marker float can have as much as one ounce of buoyancy meaning if you are using a 3oz lead you are only dragging 2oz of lead across the lakebed as the float is holding an ounce.

Therefore I always use a heavier lead of at least 4oz and if I am fishing at range I am happy to use 4.5oz to get the distance I need.

I have not been able to find an effective all-round marker lead, so I use two readily available leads for two different marker situations. 

The first is a 4oz gripper lead which I use this for feature finding in silt, gravel and clay. The flat pear profile, which has a large, stable footprint, ensures the best possible feeling. The bumps and holes in the lead trap bottom debris and help me understand what the lakebed is like.

The second lead is a zip lead, which I use in weedier situations. The shape of the lead means I have a fair chance of clearing the lead if it gets smothered in a ball of weed.

Both leads also have all of their plastic coating cut off to ensure I get the best possible feeling through the braided mainline.