CARPHACK: Hook-sharpening tricks

CARPHACK: Hook-sharpening tricks

Sharpening your carp hooks has become a widespread practice in recent years, but it's not an easy skill to master.

If you want a step-by-step guide to how to sharpen your hooks, have a look here.

But what happens once you've done the hard work with a file or stone? Well, here are three tricks to help keep your hooks in perfect nick.

1) Keep rust at bay


The sharpening process removes a hook's protective coating, allowing rust to take hold if untreated.

Depending on the make and pattern it can only take a few hours for the points to rust. To prevent this happening, dip the points in Vaseline or, even better, coconut oil!

2) Protect the points


Because the points have been finely honed they are far more prone to damage, especially if you put them back in the packet together.

To prevent this happening, push slim cigarette filter tips on the points first. 

3) Store them safely


An even better option than using the cigarette-filter trick shown above is to get yourself a small box like those used by fly anglers to protect their flies.

These only cost a few quid and typically have a soft foam insert which is perfect for protecting your perfectly sharpened hooks.

There's no way the hooks can move around in transit and become damaged, meaning they'll be in perfect condition when you come to use them.