CARPHACK: 4 reel tricks

CARPHACK: 4 reel tricks

Here is a selection of little tricks you can do with your reels to make life simpler on and off the bank.


 Make a bog-standard line clip more line friendly with powergum

Make a bog-standard line clip more line friendly with powergum

Many companies adorn their reels with decent spring-loaded line clips these days, but there are many reels out there where the clip is good for little other than retaining the line once you've broken down your kit.

That's fine if you only fish the margins, but what about when it comes to 'hitting the clip' on long casts to make sure your rig is bang on the money?

The problem with poor line clips is they can damage the line when the force of the lead comes into play, but there's a clever hack you can do yourself to dramatically improve your clip's performance.

1) Trap a length of powergum under the unsprung line clip like so...


2) Begin to spool up, making sure to trap the powergum tag ends under the line


3) Finish spooling up. The powergum won't impeded the line at all as it is not knotted


2) Don't forget what's on your spools

It's amazing how quickly you can lose track of what line is on what spool. A simple label on the inside of the spool will help you more than you might appreciate at the time!

 It's amazing

3) Protect your spare spools

When you consider some spare spools cost as much as complete reels it's worth protecting them. 

If you don't have a dedicated spool case, use an old large pop-up tub. They're also easy to label. 

For a real budget option, slide your spools inside an old rugby sock.


4) Hair-band handles trick

This is a great trick to stop your folding reel handles flopping around during transit.

Loop a hair band over the reel handle, over the rod blank and then back on to the handle again.

Use brightly coloured hair bands so you don't lose them, and store them on your tip protectors.