CARPHACK: 5 ways to fish better zig rigs

CARPHACK: 5 ways to fish better zig rigs

Here are five great tips to make zig rig fishing just that little bit easier...

We'll start with a trio of edges from England international Mark Bartlett, who makes tangle-free zig fishing look easy.

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Mark Bartlett zig rigs

1) Use a tiny length of leadcore

A very short section of leadcore with a loop at one end sits behind Mark's lead clip and acts like a tiny leader.

When combined with tip 3 (see below), this creates such a strong separation between zig and mainline that it is nigh on impossible for the rig to tangle on the cast.

Mark's mini leader also allows you to switch tactics in an instant with a loop-to-loop knot, should the fish drop down to feed on the bottom.

2) Swap out the tail rubber


Playing a fish on a long hooklength with a lead swinging around is a recipe for disaster, so to make sure the lead clip ejects the lead Mark swaps a standard tail rubber for silicone tubing.

Used in conjunction with a Fox Slik lead clip (which has no ridges), the lead will stay put when casting but eject easily when a fish picks up the rig.

3) Go long with the anti-tangle booms

An extra-long anti-tangle rig boom maximises the separation between the hooklink, the lead and your mainline. 

It quite literally forces the hooklink away from danger.

4) Halve your hooklink

foam nugget zig rig

When fishing with zig hooklinks of anything over about 6ft long, casting can be very tricky.

One clever way around this is to double up your hooklink so it halves in length.

Cut a slit in a nugget of dissolving rig foam and then place this around the start of the zig hooklink (nearest the lead clip).


Lick one side of the slit very lightly, the with the slightest pressure stick the nugget together so it only just holds on the line.

Then, before casting, nick your zig hookbait into the nugget thereby halving the length of the hooklink.

5) It's a (PVA) wrap


To stop your zig hookbait from catching on anything during the cast, or on any bits of suspended weed as it descends in the water column, try wrapping a short folded-over section of PVA tape over the hook.